Outdoor units



The Stylish Design and Compact Size Harmonises Residential Application

  • Simple and elegant design by rounding left and right corners of the unit
  • Concealing the fan by matching the panel and the grille in dark colour
  • Unified shape and safety by setting the fan whole backwards and matching the grille on the same level of the front panel
  • Wider lineup

New Compressor

  • Compact
  • High performance
  • Flash injection*


Blowing Air

To Reduce Fan Noise

  • Optimising fan position
  • Optimising bell mouth shape
  • Bigger fan diameter

Enclosing Noise

Shutting Out Noise from Compressor

  • The structure of double enclosing

Primary: enclosing a compressor (the structure is patented.)

Secondary: enclosing machine room.

Avoiding Vibration and Resonance

  • Dedicated soft rubber mount for the compressor to avoid vibration
  • Optimising piping structure to avoid vibration and resonance

Defrost Improvement

Conventional models often switch to defrost operation even when there is not much frost on outdoor units. By defecting frost more precisely, it is possible to prevent frequent on/off for defrosting and to give you more comfort.

New Compressor Frequency Control

By reducing frequency changes (from 17 to 4 times per hour), hunting is prevented. Reducing fluctuation improves efficiency and prolongs compressor life.


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