Outdoor units



Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Heating

  • Wide variety of product line with R32 refrigerant
  • More energy efficient than conventional eco inverter models

Wider line-up

Standard/Hyper heating/Standard with base heater models are available.

Performance Guaranteed Range Expansion for Max Outlet Water Temperature

New SUZ achieved to keep max outlet water temperature of 60°C in A -3°C. Especially Standard 80/100, Hyper Heating 60, and Standard with base heater 80/100 models can also keep max outlet water temperature of 55°C in A -15°C.

Quiet mode

Once Quiet mode is activated using the remote controller, SUZ's sound volume becomes lower than normal mode. There are 2 Quiet mode levels in SUZ.

Blue fin

A special coating is applied to the heat exchanger to improve corrosion toughness.

Performance Guaranteed Range Expansion

Performance guaranteed range is extended to -25°C.

Improved flexibility for installation

The minimum piping length is reduced to 2m, and the maximum piping length is extended to 50m for SUZ-SWM80/100VA(2), SHWM60VAH, SWM80/100VAH(2)
This enables for flexible installation in any wider properties.


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