• CABEL Group - Empoli (FI)

    Looking at it from a distance, with its neat volumes and rounded shape, it looks like a spaceship that has landed in the industrial area on the outskirts of Empoli. The CABEL Group, Service Center for the Local Banks in Tuscany, entrusted the design of its new headquarters to the creative architect Massimo Mariani: The result is a simple and attractive building, which stands like a monolith in the Tuscan countryside.

  • TISCALI CAMPUS - Cagliari

    This is the new Tiscali Campus, created from nothing in Sa Illetta, a lagoon area just outside Cagliari, which comprises a complex of office and server buildings, providing cutting-edge architectural and installation choices.


    During the revamping of the Milan headquarters of Assolombarda, special attention was paid when selecting and designing the wellness systems, not only to achieve thermo-hygrometric conditions but also to control the quality of ambient air whilst minimising energy consumptions.

    The redevelopment project of the Assolombarda headquarters in Via Pantano, Milan, was part of a restructuring process that invested and involved the HVAC systems already installed, in particular the air treatment systems, a refrigeration unit and a thermal power station.


    The new headquarters are characterised by the unique triangular design of its base, incorporating VRF heat recovery systems to provide the best solution for primary climate control, with minimal use of energy.

  • TORRI BIANCHE CENTRE - Vimercate (Mi)

    A dual heat recovery feature characterises the VRF systems installed in three new office buildings: Further to that achieved by the cooling circuit between opposite areas, the exhaust air system feeds the batteries of the outdoor units, offering an even greater increase in energy-efficiency. The Torri Bianche Centre in Vimercate is located about 20km north-east of Milan, and just over 6 km from Monza, in the foothills of the Brianza district.